Burgewords goes bookseller

A Writer’s bookish adventure.

IT’S shaping up to be the Era of the Book at my house.

Not only do I have four of my own titles in the publishing pipeline – a memoir, a short fiction collection, a play and a collection of my articles – I am also embarking on selling printed books by other authors.

I love books – always have, always will. It’s a passion that comes from forty years of filling my boots with tales of other places and lives.

Living on an island, I find there’s a higher level of adventure in the air, so I have hatched a plan to sell second-hand books at my local markets, starting on Sunday July 19, or, as we islanders like to call it – Matthew Flinders Day.

There’s a few tales going around about Matthew – the first European who stepped foot on Coochiemudlo Island in 1799 – but that’s another story.

My bookstall will be replete with maritime tales, explorers’ yarns, adventure stories and the odd pirate, in addition to an affordable range of fiction and non-fiction titles from the past two decades.

Come along and fill your boots!

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