Burgewords goes indie


I AM very pleased to announce the 2015 release of the first four titles by me, writer Michael Burge.

If it seems a little strange for a writer to be announcing the publication of his first books, I can assure you it feels even stranger.

But this is the world we live in now. Publishing is accessible to everyone. Rejection is not the end of the line for a writer, it’s just the beginning.

For the past two months, I have never before felt so grateful for my years working in publishing and the media. As I put my first eBook and paperback editions together, that little extra inside knowledge about the processes is proving invaluable.

Apart from that, putting my own books together has been great fun, incredibly liberating and thoroughly exciting, and with no-one else to blame for their success or failure, the stakes are as high as they come.

So, I have a date for your diaries, readers …

BOOK LAUNCH – September 25, Brisbane.

You’re invited to join me in conversation with journalist Margo Kingston at Brisbane’s Avid Reader bookshop on Friday, September 25, from 6.00pm, when Questionable Deeds and Closet His, Closet Hers will be launched at the first of a series of events across 2015 and 2016 in Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

Click through to Avid Reader’s event page
Click through to Avid Reader’s Facebook event page

See you there (or down the track on this journey of mine).

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