Capturing the closet

WE’RE having a right old Hollywood week over here at burgewords.

I am in the phase of publishing that most writers hate: the selling. Faced with the question of how to promote a collection of short fiction, I retreated into something I know how to do … I wrote a poem!

I also searched high and low for images of people and places that feature in my stories. I hope you’ll agree they are quite compelling when seen in the context of my trailer, and yes, the incredible dog is in one of my stories.

Below is a sneak peek of the trailer for Closet His Closet Hers which is now available as a paperback or ebook.

An early review is in!

“I could give you a spiel on how Michael weaves a spell of characters through your mind, how you feel so strongly connected with them and their lives that you mourn the ending of each story. I could tell you how compelling, how real, how raw these tales are. I could tell you about the magic of his words.

“But, I will simply tell you this. Get the book, read it, and discover these people for yourself. You won’t regret it. I promise.” (Joanne Hall).

Come along and see journalist and commentator Margo Kingston in conversation with me at the launch of Closet His, Closet Hers on Friday, September 25, at Avid Reader Bookshop in Brisbane.

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