The characters in his closet: Michael Burge


After years in the day job wilderness Australian journalist and writer Michael Burge has made a splash on the literary scene with a biting debut memoir and his first collection of short fiction. He talks to LGBTicons about creating gay characters, and the hard sell of gay-themed writing.


LGBTicons: You’ve been writing for LGBTicons for a couple of years, so we knew your journalism through your regular contributions, but a memoir and a collection of short stories? You’ve been busy!

Michael Burge: I have! I’ve been writing full time for six years now, and after decades getting pent-up with plenty to say, I’ve inadvertently created a bit of a logjam. I have been telling people for a while: “I am pregnant with ten books”, and I guess I have started giving birth.

LGBTicons: What drove you to ‘get pregnant’ in the first place?

MB: Since I was very young, I’ve…

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