Indie publishing support, come and get it!

I AM very pleased to announce that burgewords is going up a gear, with a suite of publishing services now on offer for independent publishers.

I’ve made a detailed study of the process and practice of independent book publishing in the past few years, the greatest lessons of which came with the publication of my own titles.

I know what a minefield the self-publishing industry can be, and what a lifeline some practical assistance provides. So, I’ve developed a modular approach for writers to pick and choose from, because it is possible for most writers to complete at least some of the publishing steps ourselves.

From book-preparation steps such as manuscript appraisal and formatting, to marketing essentials such as book trailers, I have the whole publishing and marketing process covered.

With twenty-five years’ media, journalism and publishing experience under my belt, this is a natural extension of my journey.


And I am also very excited about the imminent publication of my fifth title, right at the heart of the independent publishing experience.

Write, Regardless! A no-nonsense guide to plotting, packaging and promoting your book is out soon as an eBook and paperback.

© Michael Burge, all rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Indie publishing support, come and get it!”

  1. Excellent Mike! What a fabulous idea. I can’t think of anyone better qualified in both the literary and design fields, not to mention press and social media and the whole shebang. I’d add a smiley face if I knew how to do it.

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