Thumbs up to doing it yourself!

THIS week I released my book about independent publishing: Write, Regardless! A no-nonsense guide to plotting, packaging and promoting your book.

Paperback | eBook

It’s compact, to-the-point and pulls no punches. If you want a quick way to get across what it takes to compete in the publishing world without the support of a traditional publisher, this is the place to start your journey.

Long ago, I chose the image of Joaquin Phoenix playing Emperor Commodus in Gladiator as a short-cut to show the power and speed of rejection. It’s a compelling image that I laugh at now, but the chill of a swift veto about a writer’s work can feel as high-stakes as the Colosseum.

I encourage writers to feed on that energy, to use it when driving their work regardless of the emperors and gatekeepers. As soon as you start, you’ll come to realise what it takes to be the gatekeeper of your own work.

Here’s the trailer. Enjoy, and do the work!

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