Creative critical thinking!

brush-1683134_1920Visual art basics for those wanting to improve their technique and know ‘the rules’ before breaking them

This workshop is not for the faint-hearted. Participants will bring a piece of their art and we’ll all analyse where it works and where it doesn’t. It might be…

  • Composition: is the structure of the work effective?
  • Perspective: does it use good linear and aerial technique?
  • Tone: are the highlights and shadows working?
  • Technique: best use of watercolour, oil, pencil and pastel?
  • Life drawing: is the human form depicted convincingly?

NUMBERS: Maximum 25 people (at your venue) or 6 people (at my studio)

TIME: 3.5 hours

COST: $50 per person ($1000 for venues wanting to offer workshops free to 25 participants)

INCLUSIONS: Printed course notes for each participant

REQUIREMENTS: Seminar room with chairs and tables and whiteboard/chalkboard for facilitator

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Please check my Terms and Conditions prior to booking

BOOK: Via this email form


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