Get social media savvy!

laptop-3157391_1920Facebook page basics for small businesses wanting to jump onto the social media

  • How to set up and manage a Facebook page, and how it differs from a personal Facebook account
  • How to schedule posts to go live when you want them to, and which times are more strategic than others
  • How to share a post from your page onto another page or group (a local “buy, swap, sell” group, for example)
  • How to tag other Facebook pages to create linkage
  • How to harvest followers for your Facebook page from your network
  • How to function as the page’s ‘editor’ to pull in regular content and keep followers engaged
  • How to get your head around copyright and defamation risks
  • How Facebook pages work in the public domain and are searchable on Google
  • How to manage comments, particularly negative feedback and/or complaints
  • How to create a workable set of page rules and why it’s essential
  • How to work Instagram and Twitter into the mix

NUMBERS: Maximum 25 people (at your venue) or 6 people (at The Makers Shed, Glen Innes).

TIME: 3 hours.

COST: $25 per person ($500 for venues wanting to offer workshops free to 25 participants).

INCLUSIONS: Printed course notes for each participant.

REQUIREMENTS: Seminar room with chairs and tables and large-screen internet access for facilitator.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Please check my Terms and Conditions prior to booking.

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