Resuscitate your manuscript

ECG-1024x801All writers reach a point when negative thoughts come pouring in, telling us we must have been crazy embarking on writing something nobody wants to read. Often we feel the opposite, determined that our work is perfectly formed and needs no adjustment. When either of these extremes happens to you, it’s time to diagnose your manuscript.

This half-day workshop is for writers with a complete or partial manuscript they’re trying to get into shape in order to send it to publishers/agents or to independently publish.

It will take participants through the basics of good storytelling in order to diagnose their own work and where it needs improvement and adjustment:-

  • Protagonists: does the manuscript have a hero and a villain?
  • Conflict: is there a battle at the core of this story?
  • Viewpoints: are the voices of this book consistent?
  • Plot: is there an entertaining narrative arc to this story?
  • Marketing: can you confidently say what your book is about?

NUMBERS: Maximum 25 people (at your venue) or 6 people (at The Makers Shed, Glen Innes)

TIME: 3 hours.

COST: $25 per person ($500 for venues wanting to offer workshops free to 25 participants).

REQUIREMENTS: Seminar room with chairs and tables and whiteboard/chalkboard for facilitator.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Please check my Terms and Conditions prior to booking.

BOOK: Via this email form:


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