Resuscitate your manuscript!

ONE of the very hardest stages for writers is achieving the objectivity required to analyse our own work.

With many years’ research and experience in effective book/script structure and plotting, I am here to help with this critical moment for your manuscript.

I’ll take two weeks, read and thoroughly analyse your hard work, searching for all the essential storytelling elements. Then, I’ll write a solid, old-fashioned reader’s report to assist you in taking your book or script to the next stage.

A $100 deposit upfront will get me started on your manuscript, with the balance ($100) due on completion. Check my simple Terms and Conditions.


“Michael Burge was the first person to read my book (The Worst Country in the World) and recognise what it was I was trying to achieve. Unlike most other readers he did not try to tell me it should be a novel or a memoir or historical non fiction but that it was perfectly possible to combine all of them. That is a rare quality in a reader and I will always be grateful to him for it.” Patsy Trench


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