Your small screen debut!

A TRIED and true marketing tool, video trailers do a great job generating interest in books as much as they do movies.

But many writer balk at the prospect of learning to make films in addition to everything else!

With my film-school producing and editing skills, and a ‘keep it simple’ philosophy, your title can take its place on YouTube and your website!

The $200 fee buys you a trailer of up to 60 seconds, with onscreen text (reviews, quotes, your author website, etc.) combined with the artful use of still images (and footage, if you have access to it). Your book cover will take centre stage at the clip’s conclusion.

A $100 deposit upfront will get me started on your trailer, with the balance ($100) due on completion. Check my simple Terms and Conditions.

Check out my book on independent publishing for more publishing industry secrets.


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