Closet His, Closet Hers

A COLLECTION of ten stories, all variations on the same theme: hiding from the truth.

The matron who interprets her sexual desire as physical pain, obsessed with one of her nurses to the point of stalking.

The father who has liaisons with men at public toilets, and the kid who works out he knows the bloke.

The painter who is out but not too proud, not until she’s achieved something with her life, and the Auschwitz survivor she must care for in her day job.

In only a few pages you know these people, you want to reach into the pages and hold them to you.” – Joanne Hall

The mother who tries to find ‘the right girl’ for her son, only to come face-to-face with his male partner.

The daughter who finds her gay uncle on Facebook and confronts her christian father about his homophobia in one insightful email …

Captured at the crossroads of their lives, these people face choices between extraordinary heroism and cowardice.


 © Michael Burge, all rights reserved.

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