Creating Waves


AFTER several careers that went off the rails more times than he cares to acknowledge, author Michael Burge took to journalism at the age of forty and has felt it necessary to look over his shoulder ever since!

Taking jobs that nobody else wanted because the pay was crap and the prospects zero, Michael found a lifeboat in an industry that was starting to sink faster than the Titanic.

Creating Waves is a collection of his hardest-hitting and most heartfelt articles, published in Australian and overseas news sites, including Fairfax Media, NoFibs and Gay Star News.

“I love reading Michael’s work. An elegant, flowing pleasure combining journalistic rigour with literary excellence.”
– Margo Kingston.

From the most opinionated of commentaries about politics in the final years of Australia’s marriage equality debate; to his insightful film, book and pop-culture reviews, Michael’s journalism is always deeply personal.

With a touch that is at times funny and outraged, he explores sense of place in a country determined to reject equality, and where journos are considered worse than scum.

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