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LEAVING a mark on history is usually the result of courage, but it always starts by simply making a stand.

Since 2009, Michael Burge has written about single-minded individuals who faced fear, grief and oppression, yet went through with defiant acts of social and cultural rebellion.

Many of them got a very bad name in the process, or had their motives shrouded in mystery.

I love reading Michael’s work. An elegant, flowing pleasure combining journalistic rigour with literary excellence.”
Margo Kingston

Pluck is Michael’s re-examination of several divas, dilettantes, groundbreakers, chameleons, rebels and heroes faced with crossroads, comebacks and reinventions.

This fascinating collection reveals new perspectives on fame and sheds a timely light on lives which may never be acclaimed, yet went where angels fear to tread.


 © Michael Burge, all rights reserved. 

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