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Thumbs up to doing it yourself!

THIS week I released my book about independent publishing: Write, Regardless! A no-nonsense guide to plotting, packaging and promoting your book.

Paperback | eBook

It’s compact, to-the-point and pulls no punches. If you want a quick way to get across what it takes to compete in the publishing world without the support of a traditional publisher, this is the place to start your journey.

Long ago, I chose the image of Joaquin Phoenix playing Emperor Commodus in Gladiator as a short-cut to show the power and speed of rejection. It’s a compelling image that I laugh at now, but the chill of a swift veto about a writer’s work can feel as high-stakes as the Colosseum.

I encourage writers to feed on that energy, to use it when driving their work regardless of the emperors and gatekeepers. As soon as you start, you’ll come to realise what it takes to be the gatekeeper of your own work.

Here’s the trailer. Enjoy, and do the work!

Unlocking the secret life of (most) writers

WRITERS are living through tough times, and times are usually tough enough for wordsmiths.

“Of optimal use to writers who have at least one manuscript completed and the willingness to create another.”

Not since the invention of the printing press has it been easier to publish books using an array of affordable online publishing services, but these same systems and the distribution networks they feed have stripped the traditional currency of many of the same books to almost nothing.

Newspapers struggle to get readers to pay, and we now have multiple generations who do not expect any content should come with a price tag.

Yet it’s not all bad news. Despite the terrible odds stacked up against writing for fame, glory and riches, people still tell stories.

My lack of success in landing a traditional publishing contract for my work led me down this pathway, even as a log-jam of manuscripts was piling up in my head, heart and hard-drive. Write, Regardless! is the result of having many questions fired at me ever since I threw my cap in the ring and became a publisher who made a small splash.

I once worked in publishing and learned a thing or two about gauging what makes a good story, a savvy author and a win-win contract, but I needed to spend years researching online processes and social media in order to lay the foundations for this step into the partially-unknown.

And I hasten to add I don’t have the answer to every question. I’m still learning, but after finding myself corresponding at length about my approach, and thereby losing time for my own work, I decided to look at how I achieved my limited success in order to have somewhere to direct queries.

“I was objective enough to make decisions as a publisher as much as I was making them as a writer.”

In my first year as an independent publisher I profited from the publication of four titles, which made money after significant sales to libraries of the paperback version of my strongest non-fiction title Questionable Deeds: Making a stand for equal love. This title had relevance to the news cycle in that it spoke considerably to the critical political journey of marriage equality legislation in Australia.

CLOSET HIS, CLOSET HERS PRThe publication of Closet His, Closet Hers: Collected stories at the same time was no mistake. Fiction is a much harder sell, and I consciously floated my first fictional title on the same wave as Questionable Deeds. To put it plainly, I was objective enough to make decisions as a publisher as much as I was making them as a writer.

That is the key to Write, Regardless! It seeks to unlock publishing industry secrets, but it will also raise your awareness of what it takes to spend your precious time writing regardless of what the publishing industry thinks of all your hard work.

This book is not aimed at teaching you to write, although it has several encouragements to analyse your work to make it more engaging and entertaining to readers. It doesn’t offer short cuts. I started creating an online presence as a journalist twelve months before I started writing my first published book, and I encourage readers to give the process at least the same time as I have, which is now approaching five years.

Writing is about doing the work. Publishing is about even harder work. Marketing and promoting a book is the hardest work most independent publishers will ever do.

Write, Regardless! is the technique I applied to myself, and in doing so earned a third of a traditionally published writer’s average annual salary in my first year, without any support whatsoever from the traditional publishing industry or the mainstream media.

That might sound like very small fry, but weighed up with the high chance of getting ripped off thousands of dollars for the ‘one-stop-shop’ charlatans, or outsourcing the work to others, it’s a resounding success story. I made more than many authors receive from books that have been treated to the full suite of marketing and promotion, festivals and competitions.

As I write this, I am preparing to attend my first writers event as part of a panel discussion at Brisbane Writers Festival. For a self-published author in any country that is almost unheard of.

Write, Regardless! is available free online as a series of articles on my website, but I’m publishing it here with all the same links to other resources I created on the journey.

WRITE REGARDLESSIt will be of optimal use to writers who have at least one manuscript completed and the willingness to create another with a regular writing schedule of no less than a page of new material a week. It’s also designed for you to begin the work of becoming a publisher at the end of each chapter, before moving onto the next.

One page a week sounds like a small amount, but there is more to being an author than writing these days. Read on and courageously do the work!

An extract from Write, Regardless!

Indie publishing support, come and get it!

I AM very pleased to announce that burgewords is going up a gear, with a suite of publishing services now on offer for independent publishers.

I’ve made a detailed study of the process and practice of independent book publishing in the past few years, the greatest lessons of which came with the publication of my own titles.

I know what a minefield the self-publishing industry can be, and what a lifeline some practical assistance provides. So, I’ve developed a modular approach for writers to pick and choose from, because it is possible for most writers to complete at least some of the publishing steps ourselves.

From book-preparation steps such as manuscript appraisal and formatting, to marketing essentials such as book trailers, I have the whole publishing and marketing process covered.

With twenty-five years’ media, journalism and publishing experience under my belt, this is a natural extension of my journey.


And I am also very excited about the publication of my fifth title, right at the heart of the independent publishing experience.

Write, Regardless! A no-nonsense guide to plotting, packaging and promoting your book is out now as an eBook and paperback.

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