Write, Regardless!


JOURNALIST and Amazon-bestselling author Michael Burge spent six years writing full time, including three years contributing online articles, before embarking on the publication of a range of books he wrote while developing a social media readership. After ten years, he landed a book publishing deal for his first novel.

Write, Regardless! is his no-nonsense guide to plotting, packaging and promoting an independent publication without getting ripped off along the way.

Write, Regardless! is for you if:

  • You can write.

    I don’t believe anyone can teach us how, but all writers can learn how to write better articles, short stories, novels, journalism, memoir, and how to enter the publishing industry at the right time and in the right shape.

  • You want to create a place for readers to access your entire body of work

  • You have an ’embarrassing’ manuscript tucked away in a desk drawer or buried on your computer desktop, and you want to turn it into a viable publication
  • You want to learn how to approach traditional publishers and literary agents before trying self publishing
  • You want to learn about plotting better story arcs, copy editing and proofreading your own work, designing effective book covers and marketing books independently
  • You want to learn how to set up an effective social media platform without spending much money
  • Your pile of rejection letters from traditional publishers is getting so thick you’re considering self publishing
  • You want to self publish without getting ripped off
  • You want to manage the self publication process yourself, and learn how to communicate effectively with publishing support creatives such as editors and designers, in order to get the best finished product
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