4 thoughts on “Writer, show off your assets!”

  1. I was asked a good question by a Write, regardless! follower overnight:

    “I want to build a professional online profile and my facebook account is all about puppies playing the piano and monkeys cuddling cats. So I created another page with professional pics with the intention of closing down the first one, but feels a bit tricky…

    Is this sensible do you think?

    Do I just tell all my friends I am dong this and send them friend requests from the new page??

    Thanks for any suggestions !!”

    My answer: Facebook allows us to have a Facebook “timeline” (the “puppies and cats” account) and a Facebook Page (the “professional” one you asked about). I see no need to shut down the timeline in order to have the page, but you may want to ensure all posts on your personal timeline are set to “private”, which can be done as you post, or long after you post (you can go back and change them all in your Activity Log). It’s possible to invite your timeline friends across to your page, which is the best reason to keep both FB accounts going. All posts on your page are public and cannot be altered. Sometimes I get friend requests on my personal timeline from people interested in my writing, but I message them back with a link to my professional page so they can follow me there. Mostly, they do.

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