VIDEO: Dive into the Tank Water trailer

AT LONG last, my debut novel Tank Water is in the world! After a decade’s hard slog on the manuscript, almost two years since I signed the book deal with MidnightSun Publishing, and with the final part of the mountain just ahead, I am approaching the summit.

Considering some of the stages of my journey as a writer, I’m in pretty good shape!

I’m often heard to make the observation that between ‘writing’ and ‘waiting’ there is just one vowel’s difference. This has been a very, very long climb for me, and regular readers of my posts will have experienced every step of the journey since I began this site in 2012 with little more than a hopeful dream of manifesting a writing career on the wrong side of forty.

There’s nothing left to express in words, apart from my heartfelt wish that you’ll take a risk and buy my book, then tell someone about it.

Here’s the TANK WATER trailer to entice you…

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