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Speaking of equality

I RECENTLY published my non-fiction debut, a biting memoir about the ‘David and Goliath’ battle I fought to have my relationship recognised after the death of my partner, Jono. Get the flavour of the book from this abridged audio play version of Questionable Deeds, performed by me. To buy the book, go to my online bookshop.

The characters in his closet: Michael Burge


After years in the day job wilderness Australian journalist and writer Michael Burge has made a splash on the literary scene with a biting debut memoir and his first collection of short fiction. He talks to LGBTicons about creating gay characters, and the hard sell of gay-themed writing.


LGBTicons: You’ve been writing for LGBTicons for a couple of years, so we knew your journalism through your regular contributions, but a memoir and a collection of short stories? You’ve been busy!

Michael Burge: I have! I’ve been writing full time for six years now, and after decades getting pent-up with plenty to say, I’ve inadvertently created a bit of a logjam. I have been telling people for a while: “I am pregnant with ten books”, and I guess I have started giving birth.

LGBTicons: What drove you to ‘get pregnant’ in the first place?

MB: Since I was very young, I’ve…

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Answers on Questions

THIS week I was asked a set of insightful questions by journalist Daniel Seed in his interview about my non-fiction debut Questionable Deeds: Making a stand for equal love. Check out the video, which is also available at The Headline Act.